Platinum Perks

Exclusive Monthly Membership




Perks Include: 

  • Free Shipping ALL Month*
  • Exclusive Platinum Members Only Page w/ deals discounts
  • 5% off purchases all month after you hit $100 in monthly purchases**
  • 10% off purchases all month after you hit $250 in monthly purchases**
  • Free Mystery Item 
  • Platinum Dibs on New Inventory***
  • Extra Goodies in Packages
  • Extra Website Promo Codes just for you
  • Promo Code for Friends + Family - for you to earn rewards****

How do you join? Place a $125 order before midnight on 11/2! This can be an outfit, mystery, website etc!

Shop my website or go to Facebook to join! Only 20 spots available.


Free Shipping All Month: These orders will ship every Friday. If you need your order shipped sooner, you can pay half price shipping and I'll ship quick!

5% + 10% Off Purchases: Does not include borrowed items, brand new launches, exclusive + holiday collections and shop my closet. Takeovers, wall drops, website, live sales and more all included. 

Platinum Dibs on New Inventory: New launches will be posted in the Platinum Member group before they are posted on VIP in the same way they will be posted (ie. outfit only, single, mystery etc)

Platinum Member Pre-Orders: If you're a platinum member and you preorder - you will go to the top of the line in order you signed up. If you do not preorder, you will get first dibs at the items after all member + non member preorders have picked. 

Promo Code: You will earn a free item for every 6 items purchased with your promo code. These can not be posted on any of my business pages or posts, but you may post them anywhere else 

that is appropriate. You will only get credit for the first purchase from someone who is already a current customer of mine, you will get credit for the first 3 purchases of new customers using your code.